I suck at fantasy football, but my league does too

So as week 6 of my first season of fantasy football is coming to a close I officially need to vent about my complete sucking at fantasy football and the complete ineptitude of my fantasy football league.

My cousin decided it’d be a great idea for us to have a family fantasy football league this year…enter the Davison Family Football League. It started off real great for a while when it looked like we wouldn’t have enough members, which is sad considering how large of a family we have. But don’t worry we ended up with 9 teams…yes 9. Which brings me to the first awesome aspect of the Davison Family Football League, every week someone gets to be on a bye. This aspect of the league drives my father (one of the members, team name: Smack Talk Fuzzy) absolutely nuts. Mostly because he is one of the people who gets two byes as opposed to one bye…yes some people get 2 byes while others get 1. Smack Talk Fuzzy is convinced that because of this the results of the regular season in the league will be inherently flawed and there can never truly be an actual champion of our league. While I somewhat agree with his sentiment, I am not quite as dramatic about it.

So 9 teams have come together to form a sad sad league, which I’ll admit I am a contributing member of. This is not me sitting high and mighty making fun of the others, hence why the title is I suck at fantasy football. Yes I will be making fun of my league members, but I will also be making fun of my follies.


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